"It pounds along with everything that you would want from a rock track, intense and raw with enough hooks to keep you interested and fierce riffs." Spin Sunday Music Review and Blogs

"This is more stripped back. It has a real punk rock sensibility to it."  Music Street Journal

"Gonzalez delivers a classy & confident take on classic hard rock." 100% Rock Magazine

"So with a couple of spins through you will likely be singing along, especially to the catchiest tracks here." Glitter2Gutter

"The album not only illustrates Gonzalez’s intent to tweak the hard rock genre, but also to fuel his live show." BraveWords

"From the nine track album – the opener – Diamond High mewls around the paintwork ripping claws" Emerging Indie Bands

"There is such a depth of vulnerability in this song that touches your soul and awakens your heart." Music Junkie Press

"I highly recommend this record and can’t imagine rock fans not finding something to love on here." The Music God CJ Plain

 "It’s loud, it’s dirty, it’s ROCK N’ ROLL!!!" The Hellion Rocks

"I love the driving riff on the title track. It has a bit of a ZZ Top meets Motorhead vibe to it. It’s another screaming hot piece that works really well." Music Street Journal

"For those wary of newcomers and snobby about their rock n roll tastes, you can actually let your walls down...because if you don't, soon Thadeus Gonzalez is going to knock 'em down!" Motor City Blog

"This is a deadly combination by a seasoned songwriter. This is by far one of the best records of the year, PERIOD!". "Around each corner a total surprise, which keeps Utopian Society fresh and relevant sounding from track to track." Total Order V.2

"'White' is a powerful, autobiographical ballad about lies and truth." Sleaze Roxx

"Gonzalez is a solid frontman with brio and flare––the ideal combination for revitalized classic rock."  "He is an excellent singer, hitting anthemic notes that ring out and sound great." "Fans of Theory of a Deadman, Black Tide, and similar bands will absolutely love Society, and it’s well poised to become the metalhead favorite of the year."  Surviving The Goldenage

"'Our Connection' is one example of many that show why this musician can play and sing with the best of them recording today."  Rate The Tracks. 5/5 Rating.