2018: Past shows

July 14    The Uptown    Oakland, CA
July 1    The Crepe Place    Santa Cruz, CA
June 30    Shine    Sacramento, CA
June 29    Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor    Reno, NV
June 27    Lion's Lair    Denver, CO
June 26    Duffy's Tavern    Lincoln, NE
June 24    Melody Inn    Indianapolis, IN
June 23    The Tree Bar    Columbus, OH
June 22    Rock n Whiskey Saloon    Toledo, OH
June 21    Cobra Lounge    Chicago, IL
June 20    Bremen Cafe    Milwaukee, WI
June 17    The Shredder    Boise, ID
June 16    Anchor Pub    Everett, WA
June 15    The Lombard Pub    Portland, OR
June 14    Old Nick's Pub    Eugene, OR
June 13    Sheas Tavern Reno    Reno, NV
April 22    Sandbox Coffeehouse    Ventura, CA (Solo Acoustic show)
April 21    The Park Bar & Grill    Burbank, CA  (Solo Acoustic show)
April 19    The X Bar    Cupertino, CA  (Solo Acoustic show)
March 16    The Heart of Texas Rock Fest    Austin, TX
March 14    Sanchos    San Antonio, TX
March 13    The Rogue Bar    Scottsdale, AZ
March 12    TRiP Santa Monica    Santa Monica, CA
March 10    The Uptown    Oakland, CA

2017: past shows

December 30    Maui Sugar Mill Saloon    Tarzana, CA
December 29    The Viper Room    West Hollywood, CA
December 22    Great American Music Hall    San Francisco, CA
December 16    Bottom of the Hill    San Francisco, CA
November 19     Ivy Room    Albany, CA  (Solo Acoustic show)
October 29    Tim's Tavern    Seattle, WA  (Solo Acoustic show)
October 28    Stonegate Pizza & Rum Bar    Tacoma, WA  (Solo Acoustic show)
October 26    G Street Bar and Grill    Grants Pass, OR  (Solo Acoustic show)
September 29    The Park Bar & Grill    Burbank, CA
September 23    Bender's Bar and Grill    San Francisco, CA
August 26    Bottom of the Hill    San Francisco, CA
June 17    Big's Fullerton    Fullerton, CA
May 27    Day on the Green 4    Sacramento, CA
May 21    OZCAT Radio KZCT 89.5 FM    Vallejo, CA
March 1    SAP Center with Bon Jovi    San Jose, CA

2016: Past Shows

December 22    Dante's    Portland, OR
December 21    Stonegate Pizza    Tacoma, WA
December 20    Funhouse Seattle    Seattle, WA
December 19    Stonegate Pizza    Tacoma, WA
December 17    Victory Lounge    Seattle, WA
December 16    Manette Saloon    Bremerton, WA
December 15    Old Nicks    Eugene, OR
December 14    G Street Bar and Grill    Grants Pass, OR
November 18    Whiskey A Go Go    West Hollywood, CA
July 23    Benders    San Francisco, CA
July 16    The Park Bar & Grill    Burbank, CA
March 5    Hi Brow Lounge    Upland, CA
March 4    Doll Hutt    Anaheim, CA
February 28    Loaded    Hollywood, CA
February 19    The Nightlight    Oakland, CA
February 12    Club Fox    Redwood City, CA

2015: Past Shows

October 31    Toot's Tavern    Crockett, CA
October 24    Rockbar    San Jose, CA
September 4    Slim's    San Francisco, CA
July 17    Vinnies Bar & Grill    Concord, CA
June 13    Spancky's Bar    Cotati, CA
May 29    Johnny B's    Medford, OR
May 27    Whiskey Dick's Saloon    Lake Tahoe, CA
May 26    The Blue Lagoon    Santa Cruz, CA
May 16    Big's Grill    Fullerton, CA
May 15    The Vu Bar & Lounge    Newhall, CA
May 2    The Golden Bull    Oakland, CA
April 17    Vinnie's Bar & Grill    Concord, CA
March 7    Annex    San Lorenzo, CA
February 20    DNA Lounge    San Francisco, CA
January 30    Stork Club    Oakland, CA

2014: Past Shows

December 31    Hotel Utah Saloon    San Francisco, CA
December 6    The Night Light    Oakland, CA
November 15    Toot's Tavern    Crockett, CA
October 30    The Viper Room    West Hollywood, CA
October 25    The Boardwalk    Orangevale, CA