Interview: Billboard

Thank you Billboard for including us in this article, "Did Opening Acts Gain From the Bon Jovi Bump?"

Bay Area rocker Thadeus Gonzalez has opened for heavy hitters like KISS, Motley Crue, and Slash, but he says Bon Jovi was even bigger for him. “We were the main support, so it was just us and then Bon Jovi, so we got a lot of the attention,” says Gonzalez. He estimates that the venue was three quarters full when his band performed. “It was a big deal. I think a lot of people have seen me perform over the years in the Bay Area and up and down the west coast. People want people to achieve things. When you see a person you know do that, it's what they want.”

Gonzalez relates a funny story about the show. While the crew were using wireless gear, “I like to use a mic cord on stage to whip around like Morrissey,” he says. One crew member had a 100-foot cord that he could use on the large stage, but it lead to a snafu. “It was caught on everything, and it was such an impediment to getting my show off. That was the funny part. I'll never do that again.”

While Gonzalez cannot specifically quantity the immediate effects of the show on his career, he had been shopping around for a label deal and booking agency, both of which he later secured. “It puts more notches on my belt,” says Gonzalez. “When you do something like that, more people are going to notice you and take you more seriously. There are so many bands now.”