New Album: Utopian Society

I'm proud to release my debut solo album, "Utopian Society". The 11-track collection will showcase influences from classic rock, metal, punk, and ‘90s alt.

1. The Nude Land
2. Your Needle Scratches My Vinyl
3. Gold Ashes
4. Our Connection
5. Devil
6. Utopian Society
7. Change the Locks
8. Absolutely Nothing
9. White
10. Literally
11. Collide (Bonus Track)

Utopian Society was produced by Dennis Hill (Hagar/Satriani, Good Charlotte) and recorded/mixed by Kyle Homme (Matt Costa, Sugarcult, Reel Big Fish).  Dennis (Face to Face) and Scott Shiflett (Face to Face, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) contributed guitars, Pete Pacheco (Electric Sister) was on bass, and Nathan Walker (Lit) on drums.